Happy Holidays! – Part I

This week, I hosted my annual Holiday party for my closest lady friends.  It’s something I love to do each year, since it gives me a chance to do my two favorite things – Spend a great night visiting with all my pals, and bake my butt off!

First, let me say that it became apparent that I am not a master of the the art of fondue.  Thankfully, we had a ton of other goodies to eat,so the gelatinous goo that was supposed to be a delightful cheese fondue was not really missed.  I may try it again sometime, but I believe I’ll probably just put down the whisk and concentrate on making the perfect poinsettia or beautiful sugar flowers instead –

Rhonda Bakes - Cake, Fondant, Poinsettias

Christmas 2014 Cake

Lots of food, lots of wine and great desserts made for an entertaining and relaxing evening among friends – The lady posse was out in force, and we did miss some folks, but we soldiered on and drank their share of the wine and ate their share of the cake!

The cake was a 3 tier, covered in red fondant with poinsettias and snowflakes – it turned out so pretty, it was a shame to cut into it.  I had made some Christmas tree cake pops earlier in the week for a friend’s birthday, so I held on to some of them and served them as well.

The cake pops were whimsical Christmas trees – chocolate with a candy coating and then sprinkled with nonpareils.  They were cute, and I’ll definitely be making them again in other shapes and designs.  They were just the right size and tasted quite yummy!

Now that the party is over, it’s time to concentrate on getting my goody trays ready to deliver.  Each tray is being delivered to an area business with which I have a relationship and will include a mini-cake and several different types of cookies and candy.  Took the day from my real job on Thursday to deliver them, so my early mornings, lunch hours and early evenings are going to be quite busy over the next three days.  I’ll post the details on Friday along with some pictures on how they turned out – I’m excited – this is the first year I’ve done something like this and I’m looking forward to seeing and thanking all of the people who have been so good to me throughout the year!

Rhonda Bakes - Cake Pops

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

In the meantime, I’ll be making macarons, frosting sugar cookies and covering / decorating 10 mini-cakes!  Lots of fun in the next few days :)