Comfort Wedding

Rhonda Bakes - peony cake topper

The Comfort Wedding!  June in Michigan – what a beautiful time of year to be in my home state, and what a special time for our family as we all gathered to celebrate the wedding of our Alyssa Rose to Jake!  I admit, it was pretty stressful for me, since I’d been entrusted with probably one of the most important cakes I’ll ever make – Only perfection for my princess!

Working with my family around me was really a treat!  I love company while I’m making flowers and all of the decorations and since I had pretty much taken over my sister-in-law’s kitchen, I had plenty of company the entire time.

Rhonda Bakes - Celebration Sweets, Tampa Florida - Comfort Wedding

3 tier fondant covered cake with blossom covered bottom, quilted and pearled middle and overlay top tier. Bordered in Blossoms and Roses with 3 large peonies.

You know, when you make a wedding cake for a family member, the delivery can be tricky!  We couldn’t deliver the cake until the morning of the ceremony, and making sure that it got there and set up safely early enough to get back to the house and get ready was challenging – Huge thanks to my baby brother and Andrew for helping me get the cake safely to the venue and making sure that it was set up perfectly!

A little about the cake – the bottom tier was a dummy, covered in fondant and then hundreds of little gumpaste blossoms – The middle tier was a white cake covered in fondant with quilting, and the top tier was chocolate covered in fondant with an overlay for added interest.  There are about 50 gumpaste rosebuds surrounding the middle tier and three blush gumpates peonies for effect.  I think it turned out beautifully and I was delighted to see it sitting on the table as the centerpiece of the event.

Even though those crazy kids tried to cut the dummy tier instead of the middle one during the cake cutting portion of the event (haha!) – I received a lot of compliments and believe I even surprised some people – The bride and groom were both just gorgeous, and they’re a wonderful young couple – the top tier is packed away safely for them to bring out next June, and we made sure the maid and matron of honor (Alex and Olivia) each had one of the smaller peonies as a keepsake.  The larger one, I put in a little temporary arrangement for the bride when she returned from her honeymoon.

Rhonda Bakes - Celebration Sweets, Tampa Florida - Comfort Wedding

Fondant covered tier with overlay, includes peonies and small blossom flowers.

Huge thank you to the photographers, Mike Staff Productions, for the beautiful pictures of the cake – it’s amazing what a little photographic talent can do – as you know, my pictures leave a little something to be desired!

So congratulations, baby girl!  You looked lovely, your wedding was beautiful, and I know that you and Jake will live happily every after!

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