Happy Birthday, Laura!

Rhonda Bakes - Buttercream covered, chocolate fantasy flower

July is awesome!  Not just for Independence Day, but because one of my dearest friends birthday is actually on July 4th.  We share a birthday week, we’re just two days apart and this is always fun for me since I get to make her cake every year and I can experiment!  I love to experiment with new flavors and designs, and this year there was a combination that I just had to try – A pink champagne cake, with watercolor effect pink champagne Italian meringue buttercream!  Oh dear…

I’d wanted to try a pink champagne cake for a while – What an elegant presentation for a wedding or a baby shower!  I looked around, and found a great recipe through a Facebook group for cakers.  Thus, my cyberstalking (just kidding! or am I?) of Phantastic Jess was born!  She had a recipe that just begged to be made, so make it I did!  And it turned out truly lovely!  The cake is so moist and delicious and turns out the palest of pinks.

Rhonda Bakes - Buttercream covered, chocolate fantasy flower

Celebration Birthday Cake by Rhonda Bakes – Pink Champagne iced with Pink Champagne Buttercream. Chocolate Fantasy Flower.

The Italian meringue buttercream was wonderful as well – it requires a lot of patience and and little skill with boiling sugar, but definitely worth it!  The buttery taste of the frosting truly enhances the delicate flavor of the cake.  This one is a keeper!

Honestly, what most excited me was the watercolor effect on the buttercream.  I love the taste of buttercream, but I think it can be a little boring.  I’m looking for ways to liven it up a little bit and I think that this effect has such incredible potential.  There will definitely be more watercolor cakes in my future!


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