Icing Smiles – Nick’s Birthday Cake

Rhonda Bakes - Fondant Covered, hand-painted, fishing theme, icing smiles, angelfish

In my fledgeling career as a baker/decorator of custom cakes, one of the things I’m most proud of is my involvement in Icing Smiles!  Yesterday, I had the honor of delivering a celebration cake to Nick for his birthday.  This was my first cake for the organization and I admit, I was so incredibly nervous (Andy can attest, I was an absolute bear while we were packing up things to leave for the 1.5 hour journey to St. Pete!).

Nick is a fan of Cake Wars and other cake-related shows, so he had a good idea of what he wanted from the beginning!  This was great for me, because it gave me a great jumping-off place.  He requested a Vanilla cake with Raspberry filling (yummy!) and since it’s my favorite flavor combination as well, I was thrilled to oblige.

He also let me know that he preferred a fishing theme, and I really wanted to deliver him something special. Typically, when donating a cake for Icing Smiles, the servings are limited to about 40. This lets the organization set realistic expectations for their recipients and helps the baker/decorator to accurately design for the family.

Because Nick was such a fan of the cake decorating process, I wanted to deliver him something special for his celebration.  I worked to think of elements that I knew that he’d appreciate – In order to do that, I got just a little creative with some of the elements of the cake and finalized a design with a 14″ x 14″ square dummy tier for the water and a 10″ x 6″ cake tier for the land.

Rhonda Bakes - Fondant Covered, hand-painted, fishing theme, icing smiles

Celebration Birthday Cake by Rhonda Bakes – Icing Smiles – Vanilla Cake with Raspberry filling, covered in Fondant, Fishing Theme

I also went completely out of my comfort zone on this cake by deciding to model a figure for him.  I don’t think I did horribly for my first attempt, and I believe the little fisherman really added the finishing touch.

All cake deliveries are nerve-wracking to be sure – the transportation of the cake alone can be enough to make a baker a nervous wreck.  This doesn’t even compare to the “I hope they like it” thoughts that are running through your head for the entire trip.  Andrew was my co-pilot, as usual and he keeps me grounded during the delivery process – Have I mentioned lately that I adore this man?!

Rhonda Bakes - Fondant Covered, hand-painted, fishing theme

Celebration Birthday Cake by Rhonda Bakes – Icing Smiles – Vanilla Cake with Raspberry filling, covered in Fondant, Fishing Theme

It took us a little while to find the Ronald McDonald House – but find it we did!  Nick was in the lobby, so I got to meet him right away – What a kind and sweet boy he is!  The kind ladies from the desk went off to find his mom, Julie, and we took a few pictures before transporting the cake to the area where the birthday celebration would be held.

They loved the cake and were so excited to have a special celebration cake for the Birthday Party – I left feeling warm and fuzzy and the entire experience solidified my commitment to this terrific organization.  I can’t wait for the next one!

If you’re looking for worthwhile charities or donation opportunities, please consider contributing to Icing Smiles or the Ronald McDonald House – Both organizations are superb, and they show a true commitment to caring for families.

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Rhonda Bakes - Buttercream covered, chocolate fantasy flower

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