Routh Wedding

Rhonda Bakes - Wedding Cake, Buttercream with Anemones

The Routh wedding such a great experience, especially after moving into the new house just the week before!

Chuck and Sherri Routh are friends of a friend that entrusted me to help them celebrate their big day – Their cake was a beautiful three-tiered buttercream – we marbled the cake with whipped cream vodka and Kahlua batters, naming it quite appropriately, the White Russian.

Rhonda Bakes - Celebration Sweets, Tampa Florida - Wedding Cake

Top tier, american buttercream with anemones.

As I’ve begun to do more often, we created the cake with a strategic use of dummies leaving a tier¬†to cut for pictures and and tier to keep for the 1st anniversary – this allowed us to use sheet cakes for serving and helps the bride and groom to keep costs down while still presenting a gorgeous cake!

Chuck and Sherri were delighted, and so was I!  Especially after the harrowing ride to the venue!  Transporting these babies is not an easy task and certainly not for the faint of heart!